Inverness Church Action with Poverty and the Unemployed

Launchpad was established by the Crown Church, Inverness, in 1987 as part of its outreach to the local communtiy. Launchpad is an independent charity which operates on a not-for-profit basis. At the end of 2017 it redefined itself constitutionally, becoming Inverness Crown Action with the Unemployed (Launchpad) SCIO. 

Small grants to purchase items up to the value of £250 can be applied for by people who have been unemployed for at least 6 months. Grants may be made for:

1.      Purchase or rental of tools and/or other equipment.......... for the personal development of your skills or hobbies.

2.      Purchase of basic equipment/ interview clothes/fees to reapply for driving licence/etc to help in your preparation for return to work.

3.      Group activities.......... to assist you with the expense incurred in the start-up costs of

                    getting a group of people together for a constructive purpose.

4.      Educational or recreational courses....payment of fees for which other funding is not available. We will also consider an application for two levels of a course, with payment of the second level guaranteed if the first level is successfully completed.

5.      Participation in sporting activities.......... purchase of sports equipment and clothing, 

payment of membership subscription and/or entrance fees for events in which you are a participant and course training fees.

6.      Travel costs.......... incurred with any of 1-6 above.

Applicants are asked to complete a form indicating the purpose for which they wish a grant and to provide the names of two referees. Once references have been received, applicants are inteviewed and the award of a grant decided.

Since its formation, Launchpad has disbursed over £50,000 to applicants. The funds come from fund raising activities, donations from local churches, local businesses and individuals and from trusts. When celebrating its centenary in 1999, Crown Church donated half of the proceeds from fund raising to Launchpad, amounting to £10,750. To continue the worthwhile work of Launchpad there is a constant need for fund raising.

Over the years, grants have been provided to meet a wide range of needs. These have enabled unemployed and disadvantaged people to engage in useful projects. These have included, for example, the purchase of art materials, fishing equipment, tools, outdoor equipment, cycles, fishing permits, photographic equipment, horse riding equipment, computers. Fees for attending training courses have also been paid.

Applicants do not receive cash. They are asked to identify a supplier of the equipment they need or the name of the course provider. The money is then paid directly by the Launchpad treasurer to the supplier or provider.

Most applicants feel uplifted and encouraged by this practical help towards their life style.
Launchpad much appreciates the throughtful responses given by referees and the supportive efforts, in particular, of Social Work staff.

To download an application form and information sheet please click here.

To download the Annual Report and Financial Statements from 2019-2020 click here

What they said...

"I am writing to thank the Launchpad committee for approving my application for a desktop computer. It is great to be able to produce minutes and letters for my groups without delay. I am currently looking into starting a college course in August."

"This is just to thank you for the funding awarded to me to purchase my guitar. It is my "wee dream" come true! Much appreciated!"

"Thank you for the bicycle. I love it. Thank you."

"Thank you so much for the £150 for horse-riding equipment. I was able to get a helmet, jodhpurs, full-length boots and a really good riding jacket. I will send you a photo of me on one of the horses when I get them developed. Many thanks again!"

What others said...

"This hobby has really boosted M's self esteem and filled his days with new ideas - plus he has had fun experimenting with his various gadgets. I hope that as he continues making things he will start believing in his own abilities and that sometime in the future he will gain employment with a company that can use his skills - or else begin producing things for sale himself."

"Mr R used the grant to purchase various items of outdoor equipment needed to allow him to undertake his role of a walking group leader. He led groups of walkers for a week long challenge to raise sponsorship for Children Fist. We have received very positive feedback about his abilities whilst undertaking his role from those who participated."

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