Morven and Doug take to the skies! 

                                                  Bear's paw from cockpit intMy Glider Adventure
So after almost 2 years of waiting, I finally got to go up in a glider thanks to the gift you gave me.
I wonder how many of you remembered that gift? It seems such a long time ago.
Was the wait worth the while you might ask?
The flight exceeded my expectations by a country mile.Morven in and Bob out of glide
The weather was kind and the conditions great
It was fun, exciting and I was treated to some spectacular views of the  wonderful country in which we live.
I took photos. If you want to see them I have posted them on my Facebook page.
My thanks go especially to Bob for taking me up and even letting me have a go with the controls - brave man.
That was pretty cool
I could have stayed up there for a lot longer than we were able to do so.
What was even more amazing was that the flight happened the week after my birthday.
It could not have worked out better if it had been planned.
As you have gathered I really enjoyed myself and even have thoughts of maybe trying to have another go in the future.
Thank you all again for the opportunity.
above the Feshie int

Footnote by Bob
Morven was a brilliant pupil and we had a very jolly time. In addition, I also managed to fly with Doug McRoberts the following week and we also had a very jolly time but neither of us had a camera with us so the photographs are all courtesy of Morven.
Doug was similarly adept at flying the glider but he has “previous” and told me that in the distant past he was allowed to take the controls of a Shackleton. I was very jealous.
Morven and Bob on glider wing