Congregational Meeting Approves Removal of Pews!

The Congregational Meeting called by the Kirk Session took place immediately after the morning service on Sunday 3rd October. This meeting had been preceded by 2 information meetings, the first of these by zoom and the second immediately after the service on Sunday 26th September. Various issues and questions were raised at both of these meetings.
During these presentations, explanations were provided in relation to the recent progress which had been made following the Kirk Session conference held in December 2018 which had led to the formation of the 20/20 project group.
Some of the detail, including the PowerPoint presentation, have already been made available on this website.
At the meeting on 3rd October, the session clerk, Mr Bob Forrest set out the present situation and then proposed the motion which was in the following terms:

“The congregation of Crown Church agrees to remove the pews from the ground floor of the sanctuary, to replace them with comfortable, high-quality chairs, to re-site the organ and to make good the floor and sand and polish the floor.”

Mrs Lesley McRoberts then spoke to the motion and seconded it. The minister, who was moderating the meeting, then asked the congregation whether or not they agreed to this proposal. The motion was then agreed, without amendment, by a substantial majority.
However, the consent of both the Presbytery and the General Trustees of the Church of Scotland is still necessary before any work can begin to remove the pews and these consents are currently being sought.