Refurbished Upper Hall Re-Opens! 

Work on our newly refurbished Upper Hall is virtually complete. It is now looking quite splendid with completely refurbished kitchen and toilets. In addition, it now boasts a state-of-the-art media system.

Several of our existing groups have now moved back in. The Breakfast Club are now happily using the new facilities every weekday morning. The after school Corner Club are also back in business and we hope that all the children and staff are enjoying using these new facilities.
We anticipate that much more use will be made of the hall as the Covid restrictions are gradually eased.
In the meantime, the Lower Hall and Small Hall downstairs have been completely cleared to allow Highland Council to commence work on the new nursery and associated facilities which are to be constructed downstairs. The work has been delayed due to sourcing appropriate materials as a result of the Covid crisis. Despite this, it is hoped that the work will commence within a few weeks and the nursery will be operational by October or shortly thereafter.

Upper Hall 10th June 2021 redusecurity screen reduced

The refurbished hall with its newly sanded and varnished floor.   The hall incorporates a new security system to help keep all children and adults safe.

The Crown Church 20/20 committee continue to forge ahead with plans for the next stage of the development which will it is hoped will involve a new, modern, entrance to the church with greatly improved community facilities.